Anxiety is hiding in your bathroom at 3am crying because the panic of life overwhelmed you.
Anxiety is taking the long way home so you can bury your emotions before you see someone you love.
Anxiety is drinking too much wine just to quiet your own mind for a little while.
Anxiety is biting your nails until you bleed.
Anxiety is obsessively cleaning your kitchen baseboards out of the blue because you’re trying to avoid your feelings.
Anxiety is snapping at the husband who loves you because you’ve lost control of your emotions again and anxiety is not leaving the house for days because you are scared of the stress.
It is falling down the rabbit hole of what-its until the panic manifests into believing you’re dying. It is crying, begging the person holding you for help because you can’t breathe… your chest is too tight… the anxiety is crushing your lungs.
Anxiety is rashes on your skin from stress and bags under your eyes from lack of sleep. Anxiety is wanting to ask for help but too worried what the other person may think. Anxiety is hitting your knees in prayer because you know there is absolutely no cure for your pain.
Anxiety is trying to hide your pain because you want to protect the ones you love from having to carry this burden with you.
If you are struggling with anxiety, you aren’t alone. The voice in your head is wrong and you are not a burden, a mistake, or broken. You are perfect in God’s eyes and He is here for you, you just have to be quiet and listen. You don’t have to carry this alone. I am here, too, if you need me. Just say the word. You are stronger than this.

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