Special Parents

There is this saying I hear sometimes, “God only gives special needs kids to special parents.”
Does He?  While I truly believe God chose Georgia for me, I do not think it was because I was special or fully suited for the job.  Honestly, I think God knew I needed her more than she needed me.
And in her short 20 months on this earth, she has honestly taught me more about myself, God, this world, and all the people on it than my 30 years of life has.
She has taught me that I am braver than I think.  She has taught me how to love without fear of the future.  She has taught me that I can do incredible things.
She has shown me how much God really loves me.  She has taught me more about prayer and faithfulness to Jesus.  I see His blessings daily, and she is one of them.
She has taught me that the world isn’t full of awful people.  She has given me the chance to see true generosity, something I never knew existed.  And in turn, I learned from the outright kindness of others… it makes me want to be a more charitable person.
I think God saw this path I was on… and He knew I needed something to change.  He saw my selfishness, my shallowness, my anger, and my sadness for what it was, and He gave me my own personal angel to help me be better. I get to care for one of God’s chosen ones, and I am so blessed for every second I get.  I cannot stress that enough.
I do not think God gives special needs kids to special people.  I think He gives special needs kids to the ones who need them in their lives, to become better people.
To become more like our children.
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