You really never get enough credit.
When people tell me Georgia is doing great because of my hard work, they don’t see you, in the eaves, the glue to the whole operation.  But I do.
The moments after our daughter’s birth defined us in a completely new way.  Our relationship changed, and I changed too, but you didn’t stop loving me.
When I was still recovering from the emergency c-section, you pushed me to walk, you held me up while I stood in the shower bleeding, you helped me get dressed.
When I was pumping, you counted every ounce with me and celebrated.  You helped me collect each little baggy of liquid gold and beamed in pride as it fed our daughter.  You helped clean pump parts and you never thought twice about walking in on me, with suction cups on each of my boobs.
You still loved me.
You loved me the day I cried so much I couldn’t even stand.  You loved me when I told you I wanted to die.  You loved me when I told you I felt like I had failed you… my body had failed you from getting the daughter you deserved.  You wouldn’t hear me, you told me, she was the daughter you wanted.
You still loved me.
There were days on end that I didn’t shower or wash my hair or shave.  You loved me anyways.  When I screamed at you because I was just mad at life, you loved me still.  You loved me through the darkness and the sadness and you kept me strong.
On the days I put on makeup, you still tell me I’m prettier without.  On the days I’m in a bad mood, you make me laugh, God, do you make me laugh…. You are my best friend and my soulmate.  When I wonder why God chose us, I know it’s because you love me like you do, and I love you.
I love you for the moments you wiped my tears, you held my hand, you held me close, and you stayed strong.  I love you for the moments you couldn’t be strong, and you’d quietly pray. I love you for the way you look into our daughter’s eyes like you look into mine, and I know she can’t help but feel that same safe love like I do.  I love you.
You never ever get enough credit. Yes, I’m on the front lines, changing diapers and filling bottles, but you are the glue.  The thing that fills the empty spaces and keeps everything in our family close.
When others have attacked you, defaced you, spoken poorly of you, you kept your calm.  I admire you deeply because of your unwavering strength.  Even if you were ever tempted to speak out in anger, you hold your tongue, and prove to everyone who the bigger person truly is.  When your sons have hurt you and broken your heart, you loved them anyways.  You never kept conditions on them.  I watch you as you support every single one of the people you love, and you never ask for anything in return.  Your giving nature and ability to see past the poor choices and actions of others is something that has frustrated me to no end…. I wish I knew how I could be as true to Christ as you are.
You never get enough credit.  But you are the only man who could hold me together, and for that, I am grateful.  I’m grateful for a love that goes past superficial social media posts and I’m grateful for your genuine and always loyal love for me.  I don’t know that I deserve you, but I need you.  I just hope you know.84ebadc4e73f4c157c7a5ef095171da7

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