About me.

Let’s start with the introductions.
My name is Kimberly Minor (hence the title) & I am the stepmother of three boys, the mother of a special needs daughter, and the wife of an amazing man who works his butt off so I can stay at home and take care of our children.
I wasn’t always the stay-at-home, housewife, mom-life kind of person.  I graduated from the University of Georgia after getting in on a scholarship because of my great grades.  I received my Bachelors in English, with a concentration in pre-law.  I had dreams of becoming a song writer and a lawyer, while meeting the love of my life, getting married, and having babies.  Although pursuing those ambitious dreams proved to be more difficult than expected (we all know how life gets in the way,) I still moved forward and created a great life for myself.  I landed a competitive job working as a restaurant manager, making great money.  I met the love of my life, and since he was also a restaurant manager, financial problems were a thing of the past.  There was other baggage of course (two “baby mamas,” three kids, a lot of ex-boyfriends, and a ridiculous amount of financial debt) but we were living our best lives.  We had our dream wedding and our dream honeymoon.  I bought a house and we planned our family.  We planned everything.
And then came the bump.  The baby bump, of course.
But we planned everything.  We saved up our money like crazy and did every little thing right… the appointments & classes & a beautiful nursery…
And then the bump, well, she was born, and nothing went as planned.
Georgia Lynn Minor was born at only 4 pounds 5 ounces, even though we were promised a healthy seven pound baby.  Healthy.  Such a silly word to me now.  She was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder, a crazy mix of Partial Trisomy 18 & Monosomy 18, something no one saw coming.  She was diagnosed with severe hypotonia (low muscle tone), developmental delays, issues with her sight, narrow ear canals, narrow nasal passages, severe obstructive apnea, severe reflux, poor motor skills, three congenial heart defects, and a ton of other diagnoses that have honestly come and gone with time.  Doctor Google told us that 90 percent of children with her condition pass by age one.  And our lives, our marriage, our faith, and our version of happiness were forever changed.
So now I’m a “slay-at-home mom.”  I spend my days going between therapies, doctor’s appointments, laundry, and dishes.  My job is to raise my daughter, and in turn, become the full-time caretaker of everyone else in my family.
This blog’s purpose is to inspire others while serving as an outlet for my daily stresses and venting.  Maybe I can help someone else face their own struggles and find the joy in their journey, or maybe I can just help myself handle the minor bumps in the road.
Please feel free to read my Trisomy awareness blog here.
You can follow my daughter’s story here.
Or you can follow us on Instagram @slayathomemom_kimberly & @fiercegeorgiaonmymind.


  • Marcia Helton

    You and your baby are an inspiration to many. Thank you for sharing your faithful journey. God has a plan, and we are the spectators as he uses you all as vessels to renew those who are faltering along the way. Stay strong!

  • Arina Schmidt

    Dear Minor-Family,
    Reading your posts I felt so connected and then I read her diagnosis…. our 8 months old daughter is a fellow partial trisomy 18 AND monosomie 18 warrior. I remember the sheer panic and helplesness after dark dr.google noch nights. I would love to get in touch with you, feel free to contact me (it shows you my e-mail, right?). From one momma to the other: all the best wishes for you and your wonderfull family.

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